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The Continuing Saga of the Wanderlust Bus

First, everyone at the Wanderlust Bus would thank everyone here at Upportunity U for inviting me to be a contributing editor. I’m excited to share our story with you all and I hope that we inspire some to take the leap and find their own journey!

With that said, let’s begin. Upportunity U shared the beginnings of our story in this post late last year and since then, there have been a lot of changes and much progress made. There have also been a number of lessons learned. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be sharing with you all of the progress up to where we are now as well as adding all of our new episodes as they come.

Before that though, I wanted to share with you why we went the route of buying the Wanderlust Bus!

I’m Johnny, the driver of the Wanderlust Bus and the boss of the family contained inside (my wife let me say that). First, I’ll get the shameless plug out of the way for our website, social media, and YouTube channel! We’d love to have you follow the journey. And if you’d like to support us through our Patreon page we would be eternally grateful! Now, with that out of the way.

What the heck is a Wanderlust Bus?

For the past 13 years, my family has lived in rental houses. Before I met my wife, it was the same thing for both of us as individuals. Being in radio forces you into a nomadic life by default because you’re always looking for that better shift in that better market. So we bounced from house to house, moving 20+ times in those 13 years. We lived all over the country and met tons of friends and saw some great things. The problem wasn’t the moving, the problem was the stuff.
We both lived our lives in pursuit of the typical “American Dream”, the big house, the nice car, the motorcycle, Big TVs and all of the things that we are “supposed” to provide our families. That’s how we made our decisions, based on what we were “supposed” to do. Every time we moved, it was to a bigger house or one with more land, but still, we were never able to call it ours.
In the summer of 2014, we moved to Lexington, KY for another job. I rented a nice 3/2 house in a good neighborhood. You know, sidewalks, lots of kids, STUPIDLY HIGH RENT! One year later, I sat down and went over our expenses for the past 12 months. What I discovered was that we had put out $26,000 in costs just for housing. Rent, utilities, renters insurance, and other costs just to keep my family dry and my stuff safe cost me 26 GRAND?!?!
That was it, I AM DONE! There had to be a better way than what we had been doing for so long. I started researching homesteading and off-grid living with the intention of setting up an intentional community and living off our land while helping others out. Then tragedy struck our family, my mother passed. We decided that the experiences we give our children and the people who enrich their lives were more important than a piece of land with a bunch of stuff. So, we bought our bus! Our Wanderlust Bus!
wanderlust-busWebster defines wanderlust as “a strong desire to travel“. We’ve expanded that definition to include the need to free one’s self from the chains that are keeping us all from being happy. So our family of five plus our furry friends are dumping the burden of brick and mortar life and “movin’ on down the road!” in our bus turned organic tiny house! She’s a 1988 Eagle Model 15, and we love her like a member of the family. We’re doing all of the work ourselves, albeit, with some help from our friends and we’re doing the entire conversion as organically as we can. As few chemicals, plastics, and nastiness as we can. We’re using innovative products that have not been used in this type of application before and products that we feel meet the needs of everyone’s health and safety!
At the Wanderlust Bus, we want to educate everyone from the tip of Nunavut to the end of Cape Horn on how they can ditch their everyday doldrums and trade it for a life that is fulfilling, educational, healthy and fun. We will connect with individuals and families at events, festivals, trade shows as well as online to show the benefits of an organic, eco-conscious, and nomadic lifestyle.
We hope that you follow us on our journey and we fervently hope to see each and every one of you on the road once you start you a great journey of you own.



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