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Very exciting time!

So much going on here at Upportunity!

The LLC has been established and we’re on the way to sweet, sweet legitimacy!  New content is going up daily and we’ll be expanding into all the new media us kids love very soon.  Picture galleries, video clips, and the Upportunity Spacecast are all on the way!

Scheduling trips is getting deep! Trips to visit NASA, SpaceX (Texas), and the Hayden Planetarium/American Museum of Natural History all coming in the next few weeks. Another major thing on the agenda of furthering my understanding of the Verse, and sharing it with the readers here, is finally getting to see some of my major influences speak live. That all starts tonight with Dr. Michio Kaku! I didn’t find out about the lecture until last minute so I’m going on a standby status, but I’m heading in early to make sure to get in. Can’t wait to report back on what is sure to be some incredible topics!

And then…

in 2 weeks…

Brian Cox and Neil deGrasse F’n Tyson!!!!

Seeing the person that inspired this all, LIVE, will be one for the ages. And in one of my favorite cities in the world. Bookmark the page and visit back soon!

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