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UpportunityU Interview: NORAD Tracks Santa!

by Ron Sparkman | @UpportunityU

In today’s interview, we speak with ┬áspeak with Preston Schlachter from NORAD Tracks Santa!

We discuss everything from fast Santa’s sleigh is, to how NORAD helps him dodge airplanes (and meteors!), and on whether or not Santa has ever met an alien! We even have a special guest that pops in from the Space Foundation to talk about all the wonderful things they are up to!

Don’t forget to track Santa throughout Christmas at their website,! You can also grab the app by going here for Android or here for iPhone or find them on social media by clicking the links below.




Check out the new interview and we hope you have a very happy holidays from all of us at Space Foundation, NORAD Tracks Santa, and UpportunityU!

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