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Transformation Challenge Week 1 Stats and Thoughts

I thought I’d share a bit of my most recent trials and tribulations with my ongoing fight for fitness…

After losing nearly 60 lbs last year and climbing my first mountain, I found myself lacking motivation at the beginning of October. I was finally starting to settle into my new life in Texas. The weather was getting colder so it became progressively more difficult to drag myself out of the house to train. I was getting compliments and anytime that happens in my weight loss challenges, I start to get lazy. And when I add in the lifechanging experience of climbing a mountain, I found myself un-excited about walking a stepper. Then, when I get my motivation back, I sprained my ankle and moped through all of December and the majority of January, shoveling high fructoce corn syrup-laden foods into my mouth at every opportunity.

So there it is. A paragraph full of excuses for a guy who always seems to find one.

So I found myself scared to step back on a scale. For good reason. I find I’ve gained back half the weight I lost. Today, February 2nd, 2015, I sit at 286, 30lbs heavier than my lowest last fall. ¬†You can see my anger/disgust with myself at the end here!



Waist is 47 inches.




So it’s time to get going again. I’ve slowly worked myself back into cardio and resistance training over the last few weeks, even running the fastest mile in my personal history. Right under 15 minutes. Sorry it’s blurry….I was running after all.

The goal is to lose a full 90lbs of fat and gain 10lbs of muscle by the time I leave for Nepal in September. 30+ weeks to make some really big changes, but plenty of time to see it come to fruition. Will dedication and persistence like I’ve shown in the past, Walking up that mountain side, weight 200lbs for the first time since I was a young teenager is totally possible. Will I achieve it? I hope to share that with you here. Here’s the plan.

  • Enter Bill Phillip’s Transformation Challenge: The man who originally got me up off my ass has a new challenge and I’m entering. Join me on this quest. Click the link here.
  • Stretching: I’m going back through my martial arts training past and adding all my stretching and joint strengthening exercises to get my back, knees, ankles and shoulders up to snuff for my return to the arts and more.
  • Cardio: Starting out with at least 15 minutes a day of cardio. I’ll be doing high intensity interval training, or HIIT, to build both aerobic and anaerobic strength. I’ll add time, a weighted vest and my altitude training mask as I progress. The goal is 5 miles in an hour on a steep incline, at altitude, with the vest. This will not be a fun project. But necessary.
  • Resistance Training: My favorite thing to do is weight lifting. Proper, steady form with higher end rep count for the endurance I’ll need to walk/climb. Speaking of climbing…
  • Other activities: After my cardio and joints are strong enough, I’ll be adding martial arts like Karate and Capoeira to the regimen, as well as a membership to the indoor rock climbing gym. I should be able to do this by mid spring, if progress goes as planned.

So that’s my¬†FitEarth Transformation Challenge. I want to lead by example and show everyone that visits the site that living a healthy lifestyle is 100% doable, even for the biggest “losers” among us. Keep checking back!

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