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(Photo credit: Robin Seemangal)
(Photo credit: Robin Seemangal)

Thaddeus Cesari’s new short “SpaceX: A New Era of Resuability” showcases the dawning of a new space era.

In a spectacular new video about space exploration, Thaddeus Cesari talks about the legendary Launch Complex 39A (ya know, the one that sent humankind to the moon?) with a focus on SpaceX‘s most recent launch of its reused Dragon capsule.

We contacted Thaddeus for a comment on his new work and to see what inspires him to bring space to the masses.

There is hope in the world of aerospace. From missiles meant for vengeance, to science orbiting hundreds of miles in the sky, the worldly efforts in space are a pure exemplar of what we are capable of when using forward thinking as a cooperative means for the betterment of our species.

If there is any way for me to help make a difference on this planet, I feel it will be through the production and proliferation of aerospace material to the world. My pursuits in creating content from various NASA centers, has allowed me to learn the great histories of human space travel, and has reinforced my hope to convey its importance to the rest of the world. – T.C.

Featuring video by NASA, still photography by Thaddeus, and editing  by Dylan Melcherthe video inspires us all to dream bigger and focus our eyes on the future…and Mars.

For more from Thaddeuss, check out his Facebook and Instagram pages, and click here to get a sneak peak of his website, currently in development.

And in case you missed the launch, check SpaceX’s hosted webcast below.

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