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SpaceX Dragon as seen from ISS video feed on Wednesday morning.
SpaceX Dragon as seen from ISS video feed on Wednesday morning.

SpaceX Dragon Reschedules Rendezvous with ISS

After a picture perfect launch and a safe landing back in the iconic Kennedy Space Centre Launch Complex 39-A, the SpaceX CRS-10 mission was well underway and proceeding nominally. This would be their tenth resupply mission to the International Space Station. This morning at roughly 3:25AM EST however, Dragon’s onboard computer called off today’s planned intercept with the ISS.

The issue was caused by Dragon receiving faulty navigational data regarding its position in relation to the ISS. This then triggered an automatic termination process initiated by Dragon’s onboard computer in order to ensure the safety of both the onboard cargo and the ISS.  As a result, the intercept was immediately terminated. Luckily, this is an easy enough fix and has since been rectified.

As of now, Dragon is scheduled to make its second capture attempt on Thursday morning at 6AM ET. For live coverage of the event, check out NASA TV. Coverage starts at 4AM ET.

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