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Bam, runner's high. In the zone.
Bam, runner's high. In the zone.

Runner’s High

It’s amazing what mystical powers words can have. Planned on beating my mile time by 30 seconds this morning. Instead, I beat it by 98 seconds. Fastest mile I’ve ever hit in a speed walking/jogging form. And that was because the right song elicited the right emotions at the right time. Cold’s “A Different Kind of Pain”.

Emotion washed over me and the painful shin splints and heavy breathing faded away. At least for a few moments, it was very zen like.

And walking out to the sun coming up over the lake behind my house, I took a few moments to myself.

To feel the chill in the air, to smell the roses, to look at how far a year can take someone with the correct circumstances.

When the right words change the course of our lives, it’s no wonder we want to yell it to the world. Hope you all have a wonderful day. Time to get to work. 😀

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