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Project Possum is like “being in Disneyland for smart people.”


As you can see from the video above, studying our changing climate just became a whole lot more interesting. Project Possum is a scientist-astronaut program that will take you on the thrill ride of a lifetime…if you’re qualified. All you need is a B.S. from an accredited university and you could experience the world from near-space. From the website.

Project PoSSUM is a 501(c)(3) non-profit suborbital research and education program devoted to the study of our upper atmosphere and the role it plays in the understanding of our global climate. PoSSUM is the only research program that trains YOU to be a scientist-astronaut. Why be a ‘spaceflight participant’ when you can now do important climate research and learn from the world’s best space scientists and astronaut instructors? Your flight may be tax-deductible.

They had me at “Your flight may be tax-deductible.” Check out the website here. This appears to be one of the most amazing experiences for scientists available today and UpportunityU will be speaking with a recent graduate of the program in coming weeks. Stay tuned.

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