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Nest Thermostat

While traveling the subway in London, I came across a giant billboard for Nest and had absolutely no idea what it was. A quick jump over to Google surprised me at how interesting this technology is! One of the most important things we can do in becoming a green society is controlling our consumption of power. This is one of the many new interesting ways we can do so. Nest allows you to control your air conditioning from an app on your phone while you’re away. This allows you to keep from air conditioning an empty home all day while you’re at work. The 250 dollar price tag will pay for itself within a few years, with the research on their website suggesting that people are wasting somewhere around 175 dollars a year…possibly more if you’re an AC fanatic like I am. (I even use A.C. in the winter!) This is a great start to help save money AND to stop wasting power! Check out more information on their website here.

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