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Image Courtesy: NASA
Image Courtesy: NASA

NASA’s next telescope project begins in February.

Reporting from the 227th Meeting of the American Astronomical Society is Senior Writer Jeff Foust on NASA‘s next big telescope project, the Wide Field Infrared Survey Telescope (WFIRST).

Check out Jeff’s piece on the new telescope, WFIRST,  here.

As you’ll see below,  NASA announced last week that the wildly anticipated  James Webb Telescope is half way finished and it looks like this next big project will kick off in February. This is one of many stories this week coming out of the biggest event in astronomy, and following  Congress’s decision to be generous to NASA this year, we’ll be seeing more as the year continues, so bookmark and check back often.

It’s official: #JWST‘s mirror is halfway complete! Up to Mirror #9 #MirrorSeason Read more:

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