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Photo courtesy: NASA
Photo courtesy: NASA

NASA could use “superhero robots” for deep space exploration.

“Danger, Will Robinson!”

The preservation of human life is a major focus for NASA. As we quickly approach the 30th anniversary of the Challenger, along with Congress’s appointed development of deep space habitats to carry humans to Mars, NASA is making sure our next trip to the moon, Mars, or wherever is handled delicately. Today comes the news that they will be partnering with MIT and Northeastern University to further develop a humanoid robot that could reach deep space destinations and set up shop before the arrival of Earth’s astronauts.

The Space Reporter reports that each university’s research team will receive 250,000 dollars a year for 2 years to complete the task, as well as access to NASA technical support.

Originally named the Valkyrie, the R5 was originally created for disaster-relief operations. Check out the video below to see it in action.

6’2, 125 kilograms, superhero robot!”

(Source: The Space Reporter)

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