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Mars One

Facebook has been a buzz about the top 100 being selected for Mars One. Friend after friend have shared the news on my wall, asking me if I’ve seen it.

Why yes, yes I have.  And I think it’s the most amazing thing humanity is currently involved in pursuing, along with the recently-announced trip to Europa.

If you haven’t been to the Mars One website, I highly recommend checking it out here. Also, for those that really want to delve more deeply into the subject, you MUST check out Andrew Rader ‘s book, “Leaving Earth: Why One-Way To Mars Makes Sense” . It’s a far more well-written plan of exactly why and how this will work than I could hope to write.

This is a big deal, folks. It changes the world the way humankind’s first walk on the moon once did. It can inspire…it DOES inspire. Efforts such as this are what changed the entire course of my life. It drove me to start Upportunity, begin studying for college, and to one day have a future in the space industry. So if you’re like me and you support this mission to change the world(s), you can join me in doing a small (or large) monthly donation on this link right hereWelcome to the future. 😀

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