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Photo courtesy: Comedy Central
Photo courtesy: Comedy Central

Interview: Sonia Van Meter, Mars One “Mars 100” candidate

Contributed by Heidi Hecht/ “Mars Interviews” YouTube Series

We at UpportunityU are proud to add two new contributors onto the website this month. First up is Heidi Hecht, a blogger, freelance writer and (now) Youtuber who loves cats, space and coffee – not necessarily in that order, though she would love to take her hyper cat along on a trip to Mars. She loves to remind people to not take life too seriously and just celebrated her birthday a few days ago. Welcome to the team, Heidi!

In this interview, she speaks with Sonia Van Meter of the Mars 100, the top 100 contestants left in the infamous “Mars One” one-way mission to the Red Planet.

You can check out more on Sonia on her Facebook page and make sure to subscribe to Heidi’s Facebook and YouTube series at “The Mars Interviews”.

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