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Interview with Andrew Rader, Author of “Leaving Earth: Why One-Way To Mars Makes Sense”

3/31/2015 | Story and interview by Ron Sparkman


It’s rare to find someone as young as Andrew Rader that is so excited about the prospects of going to Mars…and staying. You can’t help but be impressed by his long list of accolades so far in his quest to get to the Red Planet. There’s no better explanation of who he is than this synopsis on his website that so perfectly sums up his accomplishments, as well as his clearly defined path for the future.

” Andrew Rader is a Mission Integrator at SpaceX with a PhD in human spaceflight from MIT (2009). Andrew runs New Horizon Games, and is also an Author, Youtuber, & Game Designer.”

It’s hard not to be impressed with his level of knowledge of  anything interesting and complex. He’s just about as interesting as it gets when it comes to science communicators, with interests in history, space, rocket science, and more.  He’s even won the Discovery Channel’s “Canada’s Greatest Know-It-All” show. Most importantly is the fact how he can make confusing theories and ideas understandable to the layman. Another thing that struck me in conversation is just how easy  he is to talk to. As you’ll hear in this interview, and the many on his YouTube page, the guy has an effortless style and an enthusiasm that’s apparent from the minute he starts speaking.

He's cooking bugs. To eat. On purpose
He’s cooking bugs to eat. On purpose. That’s dedication!

This is a guy who’s found his purpose and wants to share it through every avenue available. Science is his top priority; educating the public is his passion. I hope you find the interview as much of an inspiration to follow your dreams in science as I did! Make sure to check out Andrew on his  Facebook and  Twitter pages, as well as his KickStarter page for his new game, politics!

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