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Interview: Robert Zubrin, President of “The Mars Society”, author of “Mars Direct”

Contributed by Bill Hargenrader| Creator,”I Love Mars“; Author of the best-selling “Mars Journey” series.

We’d like to welcome the second of our new contributors this month, Bill Hargenrader.  Bill is the founder of the “Next Level Life” show, creator of the “I Love Mars” community, and an Amazon best-selling author for his “Mars Journey: Call to Action” series. He started the “I Love Mars” community to help capture the excitement, dreams, and enthusiasm for the “Mars NOW” movement.

It’s going to take a lot of effort, collaboration, and concentration in order to establish a human colony on Mars, so along the way “I Love Mars” will capture and curate the news, sci-fi, updates, science, and sense of humor that will get us there. He invited me onto the “I Love Mars” admin team last year, and this week I joined his team for the “Mars City Design” competition. Bill keeps a blog on tech, Mars, cybersecurity, productivity and personal development at

In this interview, Bill talks with Robert Zubrin, founder of the Mars Society and author of many books on the subject of Mars. One such book is “Mars Direct”, which inspired Andy Weir‘s trip to the red planet in “The Martian”. Check out their interview on the history of the Mars Society and the vision for the colonization of Mars!



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