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Interview: Oscar Mathews, Mars 100 Candidate.

Contributed by Heidi Hecht| The Mars Interviews

In this interview, Heidi Hecht speaks with Oscar Matthews, one of the “Mars 100” of the Mars One project. Oscar is an aerospace engineer that is excited to look for signs of life on Mars on his mission. In this interview, he discusses what it was like finding out he’d made it to Round 3, the support he’s received (at least his in public), and what’s next for the upcoming training. Heidi also spoke with Oscar in a later interview on his space suit fittings at Final Frontier Designs and we’ll be posting that conversation here in the next few weeks.

Check out the short interview below and make sure to subscribe to Heidi’s Mars Interviews YouTube page while you’re there! You can also find her on her blog “Nothing In Particular” where she muses about space, tech, and a multitude of other subjects.

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