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Interview: Jeff Pernell, CEO of Galactic Farms

Contributed by Bill Hargenrader: Creator of I Love Mars (#MarsNOW) & Next Level Life; best-selling author of the “Mars Journey: Call To Action” series

In this interview, Bill Hargenrader speaks with Jeff Pernell on his creation of Galactic Farms, who “makes good food in small places”. They speak on his background in education, powering our human Mars exploration,  and a myriad of science topics: hydroponics, aquaponics, bioponics, and how to grow food in tight quarters.

For the entrepreneurs out there, there’s even a fantastic discussion on how to create and follow your dreams. Check out the video, subscribe to Bill’s “I Love Mars” YouTube series, check out Jeff’s Facebook page for Galactic Farms, and share your comments below!



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