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How-To Guide to the Universe



To get you started, we’ve created a step-by-step guide to start your adventure into science. We have put this together with a variety of different outlets, from books to T.V. shows to live experiences. This will be the fuel to your flame, and each subsequent piece is another way that  you can dig deeper into the mysteries of the Universe.

The best part about this learning experience is that you are sure to pick up something new each and every time you dive into any of these resources. Just click on the links below to get started. Happy Learning!

Step-By-Step Guide

    1. Entertaining TV Shows: (Cosmos, How the Universe Works, The Universe, etc.)
    2. Science Websites: (,,,,, StarTalkRadio, Curiosity Stream, etc)
    3. Visit a science museum..or 5: UpportunityU reviews them around the world! (Perot Museum, NASA Johnson Space Center, Museum of Science and Discovery, etc.)
    4. Volunteer in the science community : (, The Planetary Society, etc.)
    5. Social Media: (NASA, SpaceX, UpportunityU,, etc.)
    6. Join an astronomical society: (Colorado Springs Astronomical Society, Texas Astronomical Society, The Royal Astronomical Society, etc. Google your area to find one.)
    7. Educational websites: (Khan Academy,,, etc. Click here for more..

The heart of the site is all about our journey to the stars, but we can’t do that if we don’t educate the world on the things we need to change in order to make this vision of a multi-planet species a reality. 

This is an ever-evolving piece of the website and we look forward to giving you more ways to discover space and science on your journey!