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Experienced Startup Strategist Bill Miller Now Head Of DSI

Bill Miller, new CEO of Deep Space Industries. Image credit Deep Space Industries.

Deep Space Industries now has a new chief executive officer, an entrepreneur named Bill Miller. He brings his years of experience with growing technology startups in a rapid yet sustainable fashion using innovative solutions for the needs of dynamic businesses in a rapidly changing niche.

Miller’s experience began while still graduate school, when he founded Intercomputer Communications Corp. with a $40,000 investment. He grew the company to a $36 million-per-year income business with 100% growth for eleven consecutive years. His resume also includes a position as chief technology officer and divisional president at Digital Communications Associates.

More recently, Miller took an interest in New Space startups and provided private equity for businesses in this niche that have sustainable business models. His current portfolio includes new launch companies and a satellite communications startup. He is also a member of the Space Angels Network, a group of investors interested in providing seed money to aerospace companies.

Besides his busy life as an entrepreneur and investor, Bill Miller found time to earn a license as a jet-rated commercial pilot, own three airplanes, and fly for Delta Airlines for several years. He has also owned and logged 20,000 nautical miles in a 100-ton trawler.

Concept art for one of DSI's harvesters. Image credit Deep Space Industries
Concept art for one of DSI’s harvesters. Image credit Deep Space Industries

Outgoing CEO and co-founder Daniel Faber is confident that he is leaving the company in good hands: “His incredible experience in growing companies and his deep understanding of the space start-up ecosystem are exactly the skills needed to take DSI to the next level.”

DSI continues work on its launch-safe Comet propulsion system, which is designed to use harvested water for thrust, and will make progress toward its goal of mining the asteroids under Bill Miller’s experienced leadership.

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