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UpportunityU Mission Statement

Spacesuit. Science Museum, London, England

Welcome to UpportunityU, where it begins and ends with U!

The UpportunityU team invites people of all walks of life to light the world on fire with their passion for space and science. Through a broadening of scientific literacy and space advocacy, we can become a multi-planetary species and fundamentally change the way humanity looks at the cosmos and ourselves.

But before we can get there, there are some things we must all do together:

  • Make scientific literacy the norm, especially with our youth. Spread creative, engaging, and scientifically sound forms of  educations through every way possible. And make them as accessible to every culture for as little as possible.
  • Promote the attendance of science museums, live lectures, and science “edutainment” shows like StarTalk Live to show the building excitement for science in the modern world. The quicker that kids look up to scientists and astronauts instead of reality T.V. stars, the better.
  • Advocate world travel and openly trying to see different points of view. By experiencing the one world we DO have, we can understand what we’re fighting for before it’s too late
  • Spread creative ways that we can help slow and reverse our planet’s changing atmosphere so that future generations can be around to enjoy our Pale Blue Dot. And through the process, maybe even save ourselves a dollar or two in the long run
  • Bring space to the forefront of people’s minds the world over so that the advancement of humankind to become a multi-planetary species becomes a top priority
Indepence. NASA Houston.
Indepence. NASA Houston.


For many, science is an intriguing but scary subject to dive into. For most people, the terminology alone leaves science solely for the elite. For this reason, we are developing  a “How-To” guide to the universe. We’ll share ways that the average person can go from a couch potato with little knowledge of the cosmos to a serious space enthusiast in a relatively short time frame.

First things first. Our team is made up mostly of scientists in the making.  We’re not professional rocket scientists, though some of us have a dream to be one someday.

Our founder, Ron Sparkman, was just a D.J. who fell in love with space after watching the reboot of Cosmos. This inspired him to begin a new level of education and along his journey, he founds other just like him. Now just one in a community, he seeks to build a team that never stops growing and to foster a community that promotes the importance of S.T.E.M. education to kids of all ages.

And our UpportunityU motto comes from:

Reaching out to change the world, so we can continue our journey to the stars. Together.

Currently we are producing space news, science museum spotlights, YouTuBe series and much more.  If you like what we’re doing, please visit our Patreon page and become a bigger part of our community. If you’re a budding science writer and want to contribute to our work, please visit our contact page. And please check out our developing “How To” Guide.

We appreciate you joining us on this journey. Here’s to the Next Step!

Feel free to contact us if you would like to be involved.


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