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Make A Change

The Continuing Saga of the Wanderlust Bus

wanderlust bus

First, everyone at the Wanderlust Bus would thank everyone here at Upportunity U for inviting me to be a contributing editor. I’m excited to share our story with you all and I hope that we inspire some to take the leap and find their own journey! With that said, let’s begin. Upportunity U shared the beginnings of our story in this post …

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So why is the Wanderlust Bus, you know, a bus?


By Johnny Blayze | @WanderlustBus (Editor’s Note: Thanks again to the Blayze family for contributiing their incredible story. Read more about their journey at So one of the biggest questions I’ve been asked is, “Why such a big bus?” The decision to get a tour bus came from A LOT of research.  When I say a lot, I spent hours …

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[Full Film] Leonardo DiCaprio’s Before The Flood.

Image: National Geographic

By Ron Sparkman | @UpportunityU Sometimes it takes one of the most famous faces in the world to properly catch the attention of people. Leonardo Dicaprio, working with National Geographic, takes time out of his busy schedule to travel the globe to learn about the changing climate. In his two-year mission to educate himself , he travels the world to …

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Climate Reality Project

Image courtesy: NASA

Click right here to get started with Climate Reality Project and see how YOU can make a difference! When you first hit Climate Reality Project, you’ll notice just how eye-catching the website is. With a quick scroll down, you’ll see many ways you can be involved: education, using your voice in a way that matters, and then simply deciding to do something …

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NASA Global Climate Change

Image Courtesy: NASA

For those that may not know the correlation between space education and climate education, look no further than the Global Climate Change site from NASA. Overflowing with information on what’s going on with Earth, down to the actual vitals of the planet at this very moment. NASA is nothing if not engaging, so hit the link below and dive down the rabbit …

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EPA’s “A Student’s Guide to Climate Change.”


So you just watched a compelling show on climate change. You’re convinced of the science. Now what? The hardest part is knowing where to follow us. The first thing to do is get well versed on the basics. How does it happen? Where can I see the evidence? What can I do to change it? Below is one of the …

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D.I.Y. Solar Panels for Apartments and Homes


One of the most daunting tasks when it comes to going green is answering the question of just how to do it! There are more than a few avenues to take and I’m going to tackle one of the biggest ones today: solar panels. Even the thought of building one scares me, but I’ve found that some sites have put …

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Hue Wireless Lighting


I will say that this product is being sold showcasing many more amazing uses than what I’ll speak about here. Much like my recommendation for Nest, this is a product that will allow you to control the lighting in your house, wirelessly. With the app, you can turn on your lights as you’re in the parking garage, so that way you …

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Nest Thermostat


  While traveling the subway in London, I came across a giant billboard for Nest and had absolutely no idea what it was. A quick jump over to Google surprised me at how interesting this technology is! One of the most important things we can do in becoming a green society is controlling our consumption of power. This is one of …

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