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Science Museum Spotlights

Museum Spotlight: Denver Museum of Nature and Science (Denver, CO)


By Ron Sparkman | @UpportunityU For those as infatuated with space and science as I am, it’s not a big secret that Colorado is a HUGE hot-spot for the industry on all fronts. Boeing, Lockheed Martin , ULA, and most of the other major aerospace companies do big business in the state. That’s not mentioning the many nationally respected astronomical …

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Museum Spotlight: Adler Planetarium – Chicago, IL


by Ron Sparkman | @UpportunityU One of the good things about lengthy layovers, other than the cheaper fares that come along with the “inconvenience” of multiple stops, is that it gives you time to explore cities you might otherwise not have the time or resources to explore. I had one such instance last fall. On my way to Nepal last …

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Museum Spotlight: Space Foundation – Colorado Springs, CO


By Ron Sparkman| @UpportunityU Earlier this year I was on a vacation/house hunting trip with a friend of mine to the Denver area, when it was suggested that we take a trip to Colorado Springs. After a short drive, and a bit of contemplation on if I really wanted to endure snowy winters  similar to or worse than my youth, …

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Museum Spotlight: Fernbank Science Center – Atlanta, GA


By Ron Sparkman| @UpportunityU   The Fernbank Science Center, located in Atlanta, GA, is a fantastic local gem. With possibly the best location I’ve ever seen in travels (it’s quite literally across the street from the elementary school with which it shares a name), the museum is small, but packed with fun stuff for kids of all ages. Oh, and …

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Museum Spotlight: Science Museum of Virginia (Richmond, VA.)


During a recent visit to Richmond, I had the chance to check out the Science Museum of Virginia. With the Smithsonian only a few hours away, I was almost expecting this place to be small. From the moment I pulled up to this multi-level museum, with its floating marble globe sitting at the entrance to a giant, columned entranceway, I …

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Museum Spotlight: Perot Museum, Dallas, TX


January 7th, 2015  |  Written by Ron Sparkman, Photography by David Gifford Driving around downtown Dallas, you’re very likely to see billboards for the Perot Museum that read “A Winter Wonder Land”. A fun play on the classic holiday phrasing that some may feel to be a bit too on the nose, but this author feels is a dead-on assessment …

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Museum Spotlight: NASA’s Johnson Space Center


“Houston, we have a problem…” We all have those words seared into our brains thanks to Ron Howard’s powerful tale, Apollo 13. Taking the chance to see this iconic Space Center was one of the greatest joys of my life. It’s hard to fathom the size of these ships being shot into space; some huge and some surprisingly small. Here’s …

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Observatory Spotlight: McDonald Observatory

2014-11-19 11.56.09

  There’s absolutely nothing that will touch the first time that you see far off planets, galaxies, nebulae, and more with your very own eyes. I can say I’ve seen Neptune…and it’s beautiful. The special viewing nights at the McDonald Observatory are not to be missed and is the main reasons is that there’s not a single street light in …

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