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Cosmic Hitchhikers and the Genesis of life: Panspermia Theory

Panspermia 1

  Imagine yourself on a crash course with certain death. Or maybe not so certain: It depends. You are a microbial hitchhiker on cosmic debris flung from the darkest recesses of outer space. There is a slim chance that the planet you are going to collide with has an environment conducive to your survival and propagation. Considering you have survived …

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“Saturn’s Rings, Rainbows, and Spokes!” by Sophia Nasr, Astropartigirl


Contributed by Sophia Nasr. @Astropartigirl (Editor’s Note: Ron here! We are excited to welcome another new contributor to, Sophia Nasr. From Sophia’s About Me page: “I’m an astroparticle physicist working on a type of dark matter beyond the Cold Dark Matter paradigm—Self-Interacting Dark Matter.” and make sure to check back for more AstroPartiGirl!) Saturn’s Rings, Rainbows, and Spokes! A …

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Citizen-scientist flight attendant shared New Horizons arrival to Pluto!

Credit; NASA

by Renee’ A. Douglass (Editor’s note: I had the pleasure of meeting Renee’ Douglass via Facebook as part of the StarTalk online community. We had the chance to meet face to face at the winter StarTalk Saturnalia party via StarTalk’s Patreon rewards. I HIGHLY recommend anyone joining that community as I have met some of the most amazing people there. Check out …

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Author Andy Weir Set To Produce Pilot for New TV Show


CBS has placed an order for a pilot episode for Andy Weir’s TV show concept, titled Mission Control. The pilot episode reunites team members from the movie The Martian, including Andy Weir as an executive producer. The action for this new project centers around the Mission Control of the near future as they juggle their personal lives and a critical …

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Museum Spotlight: Denver Museum of Nature and Science (Denver, CO)


By Ron Sparkman | @UpportunityU For those as infatuated with space and science as I am, it’s not a big secret that Colorado is a HUGE hot-spot for the industry on all fronts. Boeing, Lockheed Martin , ULA, and most of the other major aerospace companies do big business in the state. That’s not mentioning the many nationally respected astronomical …

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Museum Spotlight: Adler Planetarium – Chicago, IL


by Ron Sparkman | @UpportunityU One of the good things about lengthy layovers, other than the cheaper fares that come along with the “inconvenience” of multiple stops, is that it gives you time to explore cities you might otherwise not have the time or resources to explore. I had one such instance last fall. On my way to Nepal last …

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Juno…meet jupiter


by Kyle Cohagan | UpportunityU Have you heard of the Juno mission to Jupiter? If not, you’ll find that it’s a very exciting time to be both an astronomer and enthusiast alike! Jupiter is one of the most important planets in our solar system. It acts as a guardian to Earth from dangerous asteroids, swallowing them whole, or deflecting them …

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