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Science in the Wild will bring together your love for exploration and citizen science.


There’s a new section coming to UpportunityU called “Explore Earth“, inspired by my own personal travels around the world. It became clear to me that we must understand and work on saving this planet, if we want to travel out among the stars, hence UpportunityU. Dr. Ulyana Horodyskyj has a vision, too. Off-the-grid adventures promoting citizen science in the Himalayas and …

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Photo courtesy of Coursera.

Maybe you’re like me and are terrible at managing your time. Maybe you also want to learn about physics, space, or maybe  you simply want to learn how to learn. No matter where your curiosity leads you, you’re sure to find it on Coursera. It is one of the top MOOC’s on the net right now and it’s free, with …

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Walter Lewin’s famous MIT Physics lectures.


Walter Lewin is world famous for his engaging lectures on physics at MIT. Always funny and interactive with his students, there’s no better to way to spend your time  learning about the physical world than laughing along with him and his students via YouTube. And if you haven’t read (or heard) his book, “For The Love Of Physics”, I highly …

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The Feynman Lectures


One of the most influential men to ever grace the world of physics, Feynman could put the truths of the universe in a way that people could understand like few others, outside of Sagan, Lewin, Tyson, etc. Below are the YouTube series on his famous lectures, and you can read his lectures for free over at CalTech’s website.

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openlibrary is pretty simple in concept: They want to give every book ever published a web page. Similar in execution to Wikipedia, anyone can contribute to the cause. Say that you find your favorite book on the site, but the one that’s been uploaded is not in perfect condition, you can then grab and scan  your own pristine copy …

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Learn rocket science with Andrew Rader!


“It’s not rocket science!” Well in this case it is! To get to the bodies across the solar system that could sustain (or even contain) life like Mars and Europa, we’re going to need to know a little something about spacecraft engineering. Andrew Rader is quite literally a rocket scientist, using his PhD in aerospace engineering as a mission integrator for SpaceX.  …

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Physics for Dummies


A little different from the other pages, this is just a PDF that you can go over and pick up some great knowledge about the basis of this great thing we call Physics. A wonderful free resource to understand very complex ideas, simply. Check out the free e-book here.

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Khan Academy


One of the most incredible MOOC’s ever created, is a completely free K-12 (and beyond) online education on everything from astronomy to politics. This tool  brings an elegant approach that encourages everyone to excel, even bringing a gamification element so that the more you learn and listen, the more you “level up”, both literally and figuretively. Playing and learning at …

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It’s shocking when you find amazing content like what’s available on EdX, and it’s even more impressive when it’s free! The content delivered in the courses on EdX are invaluable and it’s incredible to have this kind of open access. They also tell you right upfront that the courses offered come from some of the top colleges in the country. …

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Udemy is the very first of the online course sites that I happened upon. The list of free classes is solid here, and I’m especially a fan of the Astronomy courses available. This is a must see for all knowledge seekers! Check out this premier learning site here!

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