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SpaceX Dragon Reschedules Rendezvous with ISS

SpaceX Dragon as seen from ISS video feed on Wednesday morning.

After a picture perfect launch and a safe landing back in the iconic Kennedy Space Centre Launch Complex 39-A, the SpaceX CRS-10 mission was well underway and proceeding nominally. This would be their tenth resupply mission to the International Space Station. This morning at roughly 3:25AM EST however, Dragon’s onboard computer called off today’s planned intercept with the ISS. The issue was …

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The Journey To Mars rests on sustaining public interest.

Photo courtesy of NASA.

Buried in a deluge of CES info over at is an exceptional piece on why Mars is in the public eye and how keeping it there is the key to NASA making its “Journey To Mars” happen on time (agreed).  Thickly detailed with how film, social media, et al. will help us achieve this goal, this is one of the best articles …

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Very exciting time!

So much going on here at Upportunity! The LLC has been established and we’re on the way to sweet, sweet legitimacy!  New content is going up daily and we’ll be expanding into all the new media us kids love very soon.  Picture galleries, video clips, and the Upportunity Spacecast are all on the way! Scheduling trips is getting deep! Trips …

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Getting to work!

For those that may not know, this is a passion project where I share how I fell in love with the sciences of the Universe and then dispense all the information I’ve collected as I’ve journeyed along this last year. I’m not a professional in the field, though that is my goal in the very near future.  For now,  the …

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Life Changing.

An unbelievable week in Europe. Stay tuned for pieces on the sights of the cities, a review of the Science Museum in London,  and more.  Also a TON of video coming! A truly inspirational adventure. 😀

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Overseas Exploration

One of the many pluses of the universe opening my eyes was my new found want to explore the world. All of it. Even the most dangerous places. Seeing as how I was afraid to even get in the local waterway in South Carolina, I had to slowly transition into the more exotic challenges.  My journeys range from the Grand Canyon …

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Space…the Final Frontier…

Sorry, sorry. I always wanted to say that! This is the first entry in the official blog for Upportunity. I’ll share my own personal musings here. Everything that fascinates me in the “Space” field. And trust me, there will be PLENTY. I hope you enjoy the ride as much as I have. Thanks for checking out the site!

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