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Photo courtesy: NASA
Photo courtesy: NASA

Can we get to Mars in 3 days with photonic propulsion?

Mars continues to be the hottest topic of conversation in space right now. Will we or won’t we? And if we do, who exactly will get us there? A new video from NASA 360 says a new type of propulsion could possibly take the months-to-years long journey (depending on orbit) down to only 3 days.

These are pretty astonishing claims as humans have yet to go any faster than 24,000 miles an hour, so the idea that we could travel the nearly 35 million miles to Mars (again, depending on orbit) in 3 days seems almost like a dream. Philip Lubin, University of California Santa Barbaraexplains that we need to figure out how to take the relativistic speeds we see at the microscopic level and bring them to the macroscopic level, i.e. spaceships. Watch the full video below.

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