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Citizen-scientist flight attendant shared New Horizons arrival to Pluto!

Credit; NASA

by Renee’ A. Douglass (Editor’s note: I had the pleasure of meeting Renee’ Douglass via Facebook as part of the StarTalk online community. We had the chance to meet face to face at the winter StarTalk Saturnalia party via StarTalk’s Patreon rewards. I HIGHLY recommend anyone joining that community as I have met some of the most amazing people there. Check out …

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UpportunityU Interview: Project Possum’s Executive Director Jason Reimuller

Image credit:

In today’s interview, we speak with Dr. Jason Reimuller, Executive Director of Project Possum, the citizen-scientist astronautics program. We dive deep into where his passion for space, science, and flying started, how it inspired the citizen-scientist program, what sciences like aeronomy are & the importance of noctilucent clouds, how students can join the program, and what it takes to get …

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UpportunityU Interview: “Journey To Mars” with NASA’s Jim Wilson


by Ron Sparkman / @UpportunityU When it comes to space travel, there’s nothing more popular right now than talks of  a Mars mission, especially following National Geographic‘s hit “MARS” series, Elon Musk’s big SpaceX Mars Colonization plan, and, of course, last year’s award-winning “the Martian”. These realistic ideas of traveling to Mars bring up countless questions, so in today’s interview …

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UpportunityU Interview: NORAD Tracks Santa!


by Ron Sparkman | @UpportunityU In today’s interview, we speak with  speak with Preston Schlachter from NORAD Tracks Santa! We discuss everything from fast Santa’s sleigh is, to how NORAD helps him dodge airplanes (and meteors!), and on whether or not Santa has ever met an alien! We even have a special guest that pops in from the Space Foundation …

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Ceres’ new photos are stunning

Image Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/UCLA/MPS/DLR/IDA

Written by Bryce Getchell | @Porkfryedbryce; On October 16th, NASA’s Dawn Spacecraft snapped a new image of Ceres while on its fifth orbit around the dwarf planet. This is an awesome photo with amazing clarity. Right in the center we can see the giant Occator Crater with its “Spot 5” smack dab in the middle. What makes this photo different from …

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[VIDEO] Interview: Dr. Robert Zubrin on Musk’s SpaceX Colonization plan.

Dr. Zubrin and Elon Musk at the Mars Society Convention. Photo: The Mars Society

Contributed by Bill Hargenrader: Creator of I Love Mars (#MarsNOW) & Next Level Life; best-selling author of the “Mars Journey: Call To Action” series In this interview, Bill Hargenrader speaks with Dr. Robert Zubrin, creator of the Mars Society, about Elon Musk‘s recent SpaceX colonization plan. Check out the video below, subscribe to Bill’s “I Love Mars” YouTube series, and listen to Bill …

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So why is the Wanderlust Bus, you know, a bus?


By Johnny Blayze | @WanderlustBus (Editor’s Note: Thanks again to the Blayze family for contributiing their incredible story. Read more about their journey at So one of the biggest questions I’ve been asked is, “Why such a big bus?” The decision to get a tour bus came from A LOT of research.  When I say a lot, I spent hours …

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