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Cosmic Hitchhikers and the Genesis of life: Panspermia Theory

Panspermia 1

  Imagine yourself on a crash course with certain death. Or maybe not so certain: It depends. You are a microbial hitchhiker on cosmic debris flung from the darkest recesses of outer space. There is a slim chance that the planet you are going to collide with has an environment conducive to your survival and propagation. Considering you have survived …

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AstroAthens Classic: Centripetal Acceleration Experiment.

AA - Centripetal Acceleration Experiment

That titles a mouthful isn’t it? In Astroathens first YouTube video, she discusses what first helped her fall in love with astrophysics in the first place, by none other than noted astrophysicist (and StarTalk guest and All-Stars host) Dr. Charles Liu! About the video: So, as my first YouTube video I went with the topic that first got me interested …

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Learn Rocket Science from the Fit Rocket Scientist!

Rocket science with the Fit Rocket Scientist!

Rocket science is something that most people feel is out of reach. But science communicator, fitness coach & enthusiast, and rocket scientist Kevin J. DeBruin, aptly named the Fit Rocket Scientist, wants to bring rocket science back down to Earth. Check out the quick intro video below. Above, Kevin gives a break down of just one of the series he’s …

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“Saturn’s Rings, Rainbows, and Spokes!” by Sophia Nasr, Astropartigirl


Contributed by Sophia Nasr. @Astropartigirl (Editor’s Note: Ron here! We are excited to welcome another new contributor to, Sophia Nasr. From Sophia’s About Me page: “I’m an astroparticle physicist working on a type of dark matter beyond the Cold Dark Matter paradigm—Self-Interacting Dark Matter.” and make sure to check back for more AstroPartiGirl!) Saturn’s Rings, Rainbows, and Spokes! A …

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Thaddeus Cesari’s new short “SpaceX: A New Era of Resuability” showcases the dawning of a new space era.

(Photo credit: Robin Seemangal)

In a spectacular new video about space exploration, Thaddeus Cesari talks about the legendary Launch Complex 39A (ya know, the one that sent humankind to the moon?) with a focus on SpaceX‘s most recent launch of its reused Dragon capsule. We contacted Thaddeus for a comment on his new work and to see what inspires him to bring space to the masses. …

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Citizen-scientist flight attendant shared New Horizons arrival to Pluto!

Credit; NASA

by Renee’ A. Douglass (Editor’s note: I had the pleasure of meeting Renee’ Douglass via Facebook as part of the StarTalk online community. We had the chance to meet face to face at the winter StarTalk Saturnalia party via StarTalk’s Patreon rewards. I HIGHLY recommend anyone joining that community as I have met some of the most amazing people there. Check out …

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UpportunityU Interview: Project Possum’s Executive Director Jason Reimuller

Image credit:

In today’s interview, we speak with Dr. Jason Reimuller, Executive Director of Project Possum, the citizen-scientist astronautics program. We dive deep into where his passion for space, science, and flying started, how it inspired the citizen-scientist program, what sciences like aeronomy are & the importance of noctilucent clouds, how students can join the program, and what it takes to get …

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UpportunityU Interview: “Journey To Mars” with NASA’s Jim Wilson


by Ron Sparkman / @UpportunityU When it comes to space travel, there’s nothing more popular right now than talks of  a Mars mission, especially following National Geographic‘s hit “MARS” series, Elon Musk’s big SpaceX Mars Colonization plan, and, of course, last year’s award-winning “the Martian”. These realistic ideas of traveling to Mars bring up countless questions, so in today’s interview …

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