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Photo Credit: World View
Photo Credit: World View

Astronaut Ron Garan wants to take you on a balloon ride to the edge of space.

Astronaut Ron Garan is one of the most inspiring astronauts in the game. In the last few years, he left his job at NASA, wrote an inspiring book of #hOPe called  “The Orbital Perspective,  starred in a transformational and award-nominated documentary called “Planetary“, and inspired a follow-up documentary, now in production, titled “Planetary”.

Seemingly never satisfied in spreading a message the world so desperately needs, he’s now working with a startup to develop the first civilian spaceflight training academy and just today he announced his new venture at World View Enterprises,  where he will actually take people to see the earth from a space balloon.

“I can literally take people to the edge of space and have them experience for themselves firsthand, with their own eyes, that perspective, that unique vantage point of our planet.” Ron Garan, former NASA Astronaut, Chief Pilot, World View Enterprises

Not one to just talk the talk, he seems ready to walk the walk. Are you ready to go to space with one of the top astronauts in the world? Check out the full blog over at Why I Left NASA” and see if you’d like to join this newest addition to the space race!







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