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AA - Centripetal Acceleration Experiment

AstroAthens Classic: Centripetal Acceleration Experiment.

That titles a mouthful isn’t it? In Astroathens first YouTube video, she discusses what first helped her fall in love with astrophysics in the first place, by none other than noted astrophysicist (and StarTalk guest and All-Stars host) Dr. Charles Liu!

About the video:

So, as my first YouTube video I went with the topic that first got me interested in astrophysics! My professor Dr. Liu did this very same experiment in our Astronomy 101 class at CSI, and that day started my journey to understanding the stars! Centripetal acceleration is everywhere, from newborn stars and planets, to the spinning ride where the floor drops at amusement parks!

I love astronomy and physics, our universe surrounds us and is inside of us all the time, I hope I can get more people interested and loving it as much as I do!

Check out this fun, quick video and dazzle your friends this weekend at that big mixer.

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