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Explore Earth!

By Ron Sparkman | @UpportunityU

Around this time two years ago, I was on a road trip back from Vegas. This officially kicked off  my exploring years and it was the first trip I’d taken with my “science glasses” on. I can only liken it to seeing the world similar to Neo at the end of the Matrix.

10616060_10204576016308202_6740958857806626656_nAs we drove by the Continental Divide, I saw the continents crashing into each other. Next, we visited the Grand Canyon and I imagined the power of the river that carved this natural wonder. Later, while walking around Meteor Crater, I could see the impact of the meteor as it crashed into the Earth as if I was watching a Michael Bay movie. And that night while we drove away from Meteor Crater, behind us was this incredible sunset and a huge storm system seemingly colliding with each other. The view–the colors, the rain, the giant sun–was awe-inspiring.


The reason I’m sharing this story is that I’ve been thinking for a while on the perfect way to explain the growing vision for UpportunityU, and really our overall passion for science at-large.

It’s not your average elevator pitch, that’s for sure. For us, it’s an ideal.

I honestly see our future changing dramatically when people become more scientifically literate. More specifically, I believe the average person having access to space travel will foster a world of people that solves problem, loves more openly, and works harder together to be…more.

I genuinely believe scientific literacy and advocacy is the answer to the world’s problems. I think, together, we can work to solve any major issues our societies are facing.

But it has to be together.



For burgeoning scientists like myself, our imagination is one and the same with our passion with science. Even though they may have started as two separate things.

These changes I’ve seen in my life since increasing my understanding of science has made me a more positive and productive person. And I see that truth in everyone one I have met that has had their life changed by studying the natural world. I’ve even been working on an idea to share more stories of people like me. And there is SO MANY to tell. I can’t wait to get started. Look for it on our YouTube channel in coming months.

2 years ago I was on a road trip. Today I begin my real journey. I’m writing to you all as I take a break from finishing the paperwork to attend college for the first time. Just a few years back I was inspired by Neil deGrasse Tyson and the team behind Cosmos to make a change, to explore the cosmos, and to Explore Earth!

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